Superannuation Advice

How we can assist you:
✓ Finding lost super and bringing together all of your existing superannuation funds into one single account

✓ We will advise on the most appropriate way for you to invest your superannuation assets according to your risk tolerance and goals. Within Superannuation, you are able to invest in many different types of assets including, but not limited to:

• Shares
• Property
• Government and Corporate Bonds
• Cash

✓ Growing your superannuation balance faster throughout your working life and leading into retirement using strategies such as:

• Salary Sacrifice
• Government Co Contribution
• Spouse Contributions
• Personal Contributions

Other important points:
• Life and Income Protection insurance is able to be funded through superannuation.
• Once you have retired, in most circumstances, you are able to draw a tax free pension from your super fund. We will advise you on what levels of pension payment are appropriate for you and what assets within your fund are most suitable to draw your pension from.

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